Room Spray


Room Spray

from 10.00

Spray as much or as little as you want to create the perfect ambiance in your car, home or home away from home.  Sprays are skin safe and can be used on yourself, linens, furniture, rugs, options are endless! 

♥ 4 oz. room spray
♥ shake well before using
♥ skin safe, no additives or dye
♥ handmade with love in dallas, tx

After you're done using your lovely Love Struck Co. spray, reuse the container for all your needs!

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Elf Kisses (seasonal) - Smells like cranberries oranges, pinecones and elves kissing your nose.

Flannel (seasonal) - Smells like brisk winter air, balsam trees, smoky fire pit, and coziness.

Mrs. Claus (seasonal) - Smells like warm sugar cookies, cinnamon, oranges and reindeer stories by the fireplace.

Santa Baby (seasonal) - Smells like cinnamon, evergreen, and a ’54 convertible too, light blue.

Boyfriend - Smells like a boyfriend. The good kind. The kind with a job.

Get Lucky - Smells like a sultry blend of jasmine, patchouli, tobacco and getting rid of “headaches.”

Gnome Stubble - Smells like notoriously hard to find gnome stubble lavender clippings, bergamot and sunshine.

Namaslay -  Smells like centering-your-chakra-with-Om red clover tea and run-the-world chili oranges.

Salty Dog - Smells like the fresh ocean, bright grapefruit and a fluffy puppy.

Unicorn Fart - Smells like unicorns farting pleasantly in your face.

Utopia - Smells like berries, lemons, sandalwood and everyday is Friday.